Eric is PaddleFit Level 2 Certified

I am back from Westport, CT and I am excited to say that I am now PaddleFit Level 2 certified!  It was a fun and informative weekend.  I learned a ton about this growing sport, especially how it can be incorporated into an existing land based fitness program for cross training or as a standalone program, including race specific training.  By the way, I got to do a little racing this weekend and it is FUN.  You will want to get faster!  But, it is all just plain old fun.  It has given me a lot to think about as I start this “part time” venture, especially launching a water sport as Fall and Winter approach.  In the short/ near term, let me just say that I am building an inventory of high quality boards and equipment for sale and use in lessons and classes.  Soon I will be prepared to introduce new paddlers to the water in a safe and fun way.  For those that are already experienced, I can improve your technique, and help make you faster.  I also believe I can challenge your overall level of fitness.  Finally, I was certainly not the first to Stand Up Paddle on Oklahoma’s waters, but I believe there are so few people in Oklahoma that know about SUP or are doing it here that I believe there is a “blank canvas” for building a paddling community.  So, my hope is that you are interested, will tell your friends and we can all grow together.

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